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TIPS on the INTERVIEW: Most common questions to ask when interviewing Applicant.

Have you worked for foreign employers in the past? If Yes, in what Industry?

What is your expected salary?

Please send me a link to your Virtualprolance Remote worker link.

Do you already have another job? If so, where are you working and how many hours are you working?

Can you give me at least three references and examples of previous work?

Why should I hire you?

How long have you been doing (state type of work you’re hiring for) work?

When would you be available to start the project?

Do you have your own computer and Internet access? how fast is your connection? (for voice calls minimum requirement is at least a download speed of 3mbps and upload speed of 2mbps.) Over all they should have at least 3-5mbps internet speed. if possible, a DSL connection but no required.

OFFER THEM A JOB: Hiring cheat sheets

  1. Prepare your Remote worker know your expectations.
    • How many hours of work per week
    • Is time tracker required or not?
    • If you are paying them weekly, bi weekly or monthly
    • If project based, you can pay them after they're done doing their job.
    • Discuss, time off policy.
    • Let them email you or send you at least a daily report

  2. Put them to work ASAP
    • Don't let your remote worker wait for something to do. Make sure that they have an assignment to accomplish.

  3. No training skimp

  4. Communicate and make yourself accessible

Managing and Hiring

  • Manage time worked with Worksnaps or time doctor
  • Pay them after they worked for a week, b i weekly, monthly depends on the the agreement.
    • Please NOTE: That we also have a Paid Recruitment Service, It will be an additional cost, It will be an additional Subscription